Award Criteria


Awards must be made as follows:


The Bouchet Endowed Scholarship Fund will continue the legacy that legal education advocates and defends the rights of all, but particularly of African-Americans and other minorities.  In addition, through the curriculum and scholarship continue to provide students enrolled in the School of Law with new insights through research and scholarship, to impart knowledge and analytical skills through instruction of the highest caliber, to critically evaluate the role of law and legal institutions and instill in our students the moral and ethical values that underlie a rational and just application of law while exemplifying an unyielding commitment to social justice, activism, and community involvement.  The following will be considered:


  • Academic achievement, including grades, rank in class, standardized test scores and achievement test scores.

  • Community/extracurricular involvement and commitment to the legal profession.

  • Leadership.

  • Participation in specific activities (to be determined by the Donor)

  • Awards and recognition (to be determined by the Donor)

  • Work history.

  • Personal or family attributes.

  • Financial need based on submission of the FAFSA for the academic year.


In addition to the above criteria, any one or of a combination of the following is required:


  • Personal Interview with the Dean of the School of Law or member of the Bouchet Scholarship Committee.

  • Recommendation from a member of the faculty

  • Essay – “Why It Is Important For Future Howard University School  Of Law Students To Give Back”


Award Restrictions:


  • The scholarship is renewable per academic year.  Award to be made in both the Fall and Spring semesters. 

  • Restricted to the School of Law.